WV Citizen Action Education Fund (WV CAEF) is a statewide 501(c)3 non-profit organization that provides original research and public education on progressive solutions to the challenges facing the people of Appalachia. We're a coalition partner with the Health Care for All WV campaign, and have been working to expand health care access and coverage to West Virginians for decades.

www.tinyurl.com/WVStories21 or email eve@wvcag.org.

  • Are co-pays, out of pocket expenses, or prescription drug prices overwhelming? Have you had to put off treatment or refills because of the cost?
  • Are you living with little to no HEALTH CARE coverage? Are you struggling to stay healthy enough to work?
  • Have you experienced the Medicaid Cliff effect, where you found out you’ve worked too many hours or earned too much and then lost your coverage?
  • Have you benefited from the ACA, Medicare, Medicaid?

Please, consider sharing your WV Health Care Story. Decisionmakers won’t know our struggles unless we tell them.

Blog Gary Zuckett December 20, 2022
ATF Release: In Blocking Renewal Of Three Corporate Tax Breaks, Congress Is Poised To Win One For Tax Fairness
In a victory for tax fairness, Congress has rejected in the newly released omnibus spending package the renewal of three major tax breaks urgently sought by big corporations, which were part of the 2017 Trump-GOP tax law. More
Issues: Fair TaxationInequalityTaxes
Blog Cassandra Wiley December 10, 2022
Leading for Justice: 2023 Criminal Law Reform Summit
  We invite you to attend “Leading for Justice: Criminal Law Reform Summit” January 9th-11th in Charleston, WV.   Led by those with lived experience, this one-of-a-kind conference will be a space to reimagine the criminal legal system, and culminate in a collective day of action at the WV State Capitol during the first day of the […] More
Issues: Fair Courts
Blog WVCAEF December 1, 2022
Using the Lown Institute Hospitals Index to Hold Hospital Accountable to Communities 
Community Catalyst is excited to engage with the Lown Institute researchers about how they can use the index in their work to improve how hospitals serve the communities that rely on them. More
Issues: Health CareHealthcare
Blog Cassandra Wiley December 1, 2022
Moore v. Harper SCOTUS Oral Arguments Listening Party
On December 7, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear Moore v. Harper, a redistricting case where North Carolina lawmakers argue state legislatures should have near absolute power to run federal elections without checks and balances from the courts. Moore could make it easier for politicians to restrict the vote, draw rigged maps, and cast doubt […] More
Issues: VotingVoting Rights
Blog WVCAEF November 21, 2022
Zero Waste Manufacturing: Remediate, Recover, Repurpose
This webinar will give a brief overview of the importance of shifting to a circular materials management economy, the network of various eco-materials that can be made, and how policy plays a role. More
Blog WVCAEF November 19, 2022
ReImagine Appalachia 2023 Strategy Summit
Each day will consist of a keynote panel of speakers followed by breakout strategy sessions! More
Blog WVCAEF November 19, 2022
Maximizing Value: What We Need for Best-Practice Broadband Implementation
Join us on Tuesday, December 6th to learn how we can we work together to achieve our principles for equitable broadband implementation in Appalachia. More
Blog WVCAEF November 19, 2022
Bi-weekly ReImagine Appalachia Update Call!
This upcoming Campaign Update meeting will feature updates from Blue Green Alliance's Dan Taylor and Bella Goñi from Green for All of Dream.org. More
Blog WVCAEF November 17, 2022
This presentation will follow the process and experience of their approach to our seeing one another as both unique and fully human. More
Issues: RaceRacial Justice
Blog WVCAEF November 10, 2022
CONNECT: How 40 Local Governments in our Region are Reuniting for Climate Action
They will highlight the geographic and demographic diversity of their network that includes high-capacity, early adopter, and low-income communities. More