WV Citizen Action Education Fund (WV CAEF) is a statewide 501(c)3 non-profit organization that provides original research and public education on progressive solutions to the challenges facing the people of Appalachia. WV CAEF is a leader of WV Citizens for Clean Elections (WVCCE), a coalition of people and organizations is to increase transparency and accountability in West Virginia elections, and advance reforms to strengthen democracy and ensure fairness and impartially in our courts. WVCCE has launched a direct mail program to inform 20,000 West Virginians across the state that they may have been removed from the voter rolls. The campaign, encourages these individuals to double check their registration status. If they remain eligible to vote, the mailers provide information on how to re-register so they may vote in this year’s elections. Learn more here.

Blog Eve Marcum-Atkinson April 2, 2022
Sustainable Transportation Report Release
Please join us Tuesday, April 19th for the launch of our Electrifying Transit issue paper that highlights the unique opportunities here in Appalachia that this generational infrastructure investment could bring to our region. More
Blog WVCAEF March 20, 2022
Home Care is Essential Art Installation
Press conference urging U.S. Senators to invest in home care, raise wages, create jobs, and access access to care More
Blog Eve Marcum-Atkinson March 15, 2022
Manufacturing Electric Vehicles: Heartland Case Study Report Release
Please join us for a press conference and informational webinar featuring lawmakers and researchers coming together to highlight the urgency of investing in electric vehicle manufacturing in the region. More
Issues: Climate Justice
Blog Eve Marcum-Atkinson March 9, 2022
ReImagining Your Community: March 29th, 2-3PM EST
You won't want to miss this opportunity to learn and grow. More
Blog WVCAEF March 3, 2022
Urgent Action: Tell our WV Senators to Support HB 4252, the Diabetes Bill!
Tell our WV Senators to Support HB 4252, the Diabetes Bill! It will help West Virginians stay healthy, save lives, and save our state health care system money. More
Issues: DiabetesHealth Care
Blog WVCAEF March 2, 2022
Urgent Action: Tell our Senators to Stop HB 4007 – Our WV Wealthy do Not Need a Tax Break on the Backs of Working Families.
Tell our Senators to Stop HB 4007! Our wealthy West Virginians do not need a tax break on the backs of working families. More
Issues: BudgetFair TaxationKids and FamiliesWorkers
Blog Eve Marcum-Atkinson February 28, 2022
Medicaid Helped Her Work and From Falling Through the Cracks
Working from home during COVID gave her the ability to both do her job while working around her many health challenges, and care for Micah, her adult special needs daughter. As someone with disabilities, Priscilla was able to keep her Medicaid while working full-time through a program called M-WIN. More
Issues: DiabetesHealth CareHealth InsuranceMedicaid
Blog Eve Marcum-Atkinson February 23, 2022
Reconstructing BLAC- Storytelling with William H. Turner
Please Join the Black Appalachian Coalition for a book review and discussion of "The Harlan Renaissance: Stories of Black Life in Appalachian Coal Towns" with the author William H. Turner.  More
Blog Eve Marcum-Atkinson February 21, 2022
Jo’s Fight for Coverage During COVID
During the pandemic, "Jo" had to take unpaid leave from her job of 15 years, and lost her health insurance, in an effort to protect her family. She later found she qualified for Medicaid and discovered she could get services she couldn't afford with employer-based insurance. More
Issues: DiabetesHealth CareHealth InsuranceMedicaid
Blog Eve Marcum-Atkinson February 14, 2022
Medicaid Helped Her Get Back To Work – a WV Health Care Story
After gaining assistance, seeking medical treatment, and getting back on her necessary medications, Cassandra was able to get back to work, finding new employment with not just one job, but two! More
Issues: Health CareHealth InsuranceJobsMedicaid