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Blog Eve Marcum-Atkinson January 12, 2022
MEDIA ADVISORY: WV Groups Will Urge Senator Manchin To Negotiate Extension of Child Tax Credit
A recent survey found 86% of West Virginia parents reported the monthly payments made a “huge difference” for their families. More
Blog Eve Marcum-Atkinson January 7, 2022
Citizen Civic Engagement Training
Learn how to find your representative(s), build relationships with them, and share what's most important to you as a West Virginian. More
Blog Eve Marcum-Atkinson January 7, 2022
USCCB Letter on Budget Reconciliation
USCCB Letter on Budget Reconciliation More
Blog Eve Marcum-Atkinson January 5, 2022
Sources: Forbes, "The World's Real-Time Billionaires, Today's Winners and Losers," accessed Dec. 31, 2020 and Dec. 31, 2021 More
Issues: EconomyTaxes
Blog Eve Marcum-Atkinson January 3, 2022
Winter Care Fair – Donation Drive
The Winter Care Fair will be on January 15, 2022 at 2pm. There will be a hot lunch, coffee and cocoa, harm reduction supplies and recovery information, wound care, menstrual products, and more. More
Blog Julie Archer December 23, 2021
Double Your Impact: Donation Match for Fair Courts Work
Our democracy is being put to the test. Courts are one of our last lines of defense against abuses of power in elections. But an alarming report by the Brennan Center for Justice shows that partisan state lawmakers are increasingly taking aim at the ability of state courts to ensure free and fair elections. Can you make a donation so we continue fighting for free, fair, and safe elections and fair and impartial courts? More
Issues: DemocracyFair CourtsVoting Rights
Blog Eve Marcum-Atkinson December 13, 2021
VIDEO Now Available – 2021 Virtual HEALTH CARE Summit
This event was hosted in partnership with West Virginians for Affordable Health Care, West Virginia Center on Budget and Policy, and West Virginia Citizen Action. More
Issues: Prescription Drug Prices
Blog Eve Marcum-Atkinson December 9, 2021
MEDIA ADVISORY: Mindy Salango Rx Drug Congressional Testimony – Dec. 10th at 10AM
Local resident Mindy Salango, who is a Type 1 diabetic, is available to discuss her upcoming testimony to the House Oversight and Reform Committee on Friday, December 10th. Mindy will speak to her experience as a consumer who struggles to afford the high price of her insulin medication. More
Issues: Build Back BetterHealth CareHealthcarePrescription Drug Prices
Blog WVCAEF December 8, 2021
“Hey Joe” Climate Action Music Video Urges Manchin to Support Build Back Better
The AMP Media Project with support from West Virginia climate groups released nationally the climate action music video “Hey Joe” today, featuring crowds of people across West Virginia and beyond in a sing-a-long directed at WV Sen. Joe Manchin. “Hey Joe” (based on the Beatles’ tune ‘Hey Jude’), is written and led by prominent West Virginia singer-songwriter Ron Sowell, as almost 50 voices urge Manchin to support the climate initiatives in the Build Back Better Act before the U.S. Senate. More
Issues: Build Back BetterClimate Justice
Blog Julie Archer December 6, 2021
Where and How to View WV’s New Legislative and Congressional Maps
The new legislative and congressional maps can be viewed in various formats. The maps reflect the districts for elected offices beginning in the 2022 election. Which new districts are you in? More
Issues: ElectionsRedistrictingVoting
Blog Julie Archer December 6, 2021
Redistricting: New Maps Reinforce Need for Reform
In October, the Legislature convened in special session to draw new boundaries for state legislative and congressional districts. The outcome has only reinforced calls for establishing an independent redistricting commission rather than letting legislators draw the maps that govern their own elections. Additionally, with hyper-partisan legislative and congressional maps being adopted around the country it’s critical that we pass the Freedom to Vote Act to end partisan gerrymandering once and for all. More
Issues: DemocracyFair RepresentationVoting Rights
Blog Eve Marcum-Atkinson December 2, 2021
We Need Your WV Health Care Stories!
Please, consider sharing your WV Health Care Story. Decisionmakers won't know our struggles unless we tell them. More
Issues: Health CareHealthcare
Blog Julie Archer November 12, 2021
WV Advocates Host Vigil to Demand Passage of the Freedom to Vote Act
community members and organizations hosted a “Freedom to Vote: Time to Act!” vigil at the State Capitol on Wednesday, Nov. 10, to demand that the Senate pass the Freedom to Vote Act. This event in Charleston was held in partnership with the Declaration for American Democracy as part of a nationwide week of action calling on Congress to set national standards to ensure that all Americans have equal access to the ballot ahead of the 2022 elections.  More
Issues: DemocracyElectionsMoney In PoliticsVoting Rights
Blog WVCAEF November 9, 2021
Time to Act to Protect Our Freedom to Vote
The House of Representatives already passed sweeping legislation to protect our freedom to vote and realize the promise of democracy for all. It’s urgent that the Senate acts now to pass the Freedom to Vote Act and delivers for the American people so all our voices are heard. Together we can and will win this fight! Let’s show our senators that we demand concrete progress in protecting our voting rights. More
Issues: DemocracyVoting Rights
Blog WVCAEF November 5, 2021
West Virginians Who Care About the Climate: Take Action!
Are you a West Virginian who cares about climate action? Use this simple form to let Senator Joe Manchin know. More
Issues: Climate JusticeEnvironment
Blog WVCAEF November 2, 2021
VIDEO: Halloween Rally for Climate Action in Charleston WV
Experience the Halloween Rally for Climate Action, sponsored by the WV Climate Alliance, which took place Oct. 30, 2021, on the plaza of the Robert C. Byrd Federal Courthouse Building in downtown Charleston. WV. More
Issues: Climate JusticeEnvironmentJobs
Blog Eve Marcum-Atkinson October 25, 2021
Expand Medicare Call-in Days: OCT 26-27th
We’re so close to a major expansion of Medicare that will benefit millions of people. More
Issues: Build Back BetterMedicare
Blog Eve Marcum-Atkinson October 22, 2021
Virtual Health Care for All Summit, 10/26 and 10/27
On Tuesday, October 26 and Wednesday, October 27 2021, The West Virginia Health Care for All Campaign will host a Virtual Health Care Summit. They will go over the policy agenda in detail. They will also have a panel of experts discussing critical health care issues for West Virginians. More
Issues: Health CareHealthcare
Blog Julie Archer October 18, 2021
Join Us for the Freedom to Vote Relay
Join us on the caravan/relay from West Virginia to D.C., the Rally at the Finish Line on October 23rd, or stops along the way. With a major vote expected later this week, we need to push harder than ever to make sure the Senate does what it takes get the #FreedomToVoteAct across the finish line. More
Issues: Clean electionsDemocracyFair RepresentationMoney In PoliticsVoting Rights
Blog Julie Archer October 12, 2021
Speak Out for Fair Districting: Public Hearing 10/13 @8AM
The Legislature has convened in special session to approve new boundaries for state legislative and congressional districts. These maps will shape our lives and communities for the next decade and beyond. That’s why it’s important to come together to speak out on fair districting so that our communities are whole and have equal resources to meet our needs. There’s still time to provide input on the proposed maps and nobody knows our communities better than the people who live in them. More
Issues: Clean electionsDemocracyFair Representation
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