We’re Counting on You, Joe! Black Lung Press Conference and Campaign Launch

Members of the Black Lung Association will be hosting a press conference on Thursday, May 12th at 1 pm at the Coal Miners Memorial at the Charleston Capitol Grounds. We are inviting community members and members of the Black Lung Association to come out and show support for their important message.
The speakers are gathering to tell Senator Manchin: “We’re Counting on You, Joe!” In December, Congress missed an opportunity to extend the Black Lung Excise Tax as its historic rate. That leaves coal miners who rely on the Black Lung Disability Trust Fund in the dark – they don’t know if benefits or insurance will be cut as the debt rises. Our best bet for passing this important bill as part of budget reconciliation – but we need Senator Manchin’s support to make that happen.
That’s why we’re launching a campaign next week asking Senator Manchin to give certainty to miners with black lung and to their families. As Congress considers a new budget reconciliation bill, it’s time to include a long-term extension of the excise tax on coal companies to protect black lung benefits. We’re counting on you, Joe.
If you can’t attend, keep an eye on this page to view a livestream of the event next week.
Please share the invitation and Facebook event to anyone you know in the Charleston, WV area.
Visit blacklungkills.org to learn more about the issue and take action.
Updated: June 24, 2022 — 1:50 pm
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