We Need Your WV Health Care Stories!


Hey all. One of the projects WV Citizen Action is part of is collecting West Virginia Health Care Stories. Over the next month or so, we’ll be lending a hand. So, please feel free to contact us directly (eve@wvcag.org) or use the above online form to get the process started.

Here’s a list of questions that will help clarify the kinds of health care stories we are most interested in, but the first one is a big goal right now:
Are co-pays, out of pocket expenses, or prescription drug prices overwhelming? Have you had to put off treatment or refills because of the cost?

Are you living with little to no HEALTH CARE coverage? Has lack of sufficient coverage affected your ability to get or keep a job? Are you struggling to stay healthy enough to work?
Have you experienced the Medicaid Cliff effect, where you found out you’ve worked too many hours or earned too much and then lost your coverage?

Are you struggling with the health and economic consequences of COVID-19?
Have you benefited from the ACA, Medicare, Medicaid?
Does lack of affordable HOME CARE (child, elder, etc.) or PAID LEAVE (Family/Medical) affect your ability to find work or keep a job?
If any of these hit home for you, we would love to hear your story.

Our goal is to use these stories to help educate the public, the media, and our State/Fed legislators and congress members on what it’s like for the average West Virginian just trying to seek and receive health care.

They won’t know unless we tell them.

The reality for most West Virginians is struggle, struggle to afford out-of-pocket expenses, struggle to afford insurance, struggle to stay healthy enough to work and keep a job, especially if that job doesn’t provide health insurance. Most of us have chronic health issues. Most of us are working and still struggling. And those West Virginians who cannot work are struggling the most.

Please, consider sharing your WV Health Care Story.

Decisionmakers won’t know our struggles unless we tell them.

Eve Marcum-Atkinson
Communications Coordinator & Office Administrator
WV Citizen Action

Updated: November 16, 2023 — 2:57 pm
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